CTC Announces Further Network Expansion

COLUMBUS, KS – Today Columbus Telephone Company (“CTC”) announced plans for further fiber-optic network expansion in Cherokee County. The announcement includes the construction of a fiber-optic “ring” that will link all three major cities in the county together on one world-class communications network.

The announcement comes just months after CTC announced the company’s first-ever expansion to the Galena and Riverton, Kansas communities through its subsidiary Fiber Communications of Columbus, LLC (“Optic”). Through Optic, CTC will now be constructing a fiber-optic backbone that links Baxter Springs, Columbus and Galena. Known as a fiber “ring” the network expansion will increase service reliability for all CTC and Optic customers as well as position the company to provide services in all three communities.

“A fiber ring is the ultimate in terms of network reliability, which is critical in a world where connectivity is driving everything,” stated CTC Plant Manager Gene Hamilton.

Optic already provides services in Columbus, Galena and Riverton. The ring will enable the company to provide service in Baxter Springs on or after June 30, 2015, making Cherokee County one of the few rural areas in the United States to have all major cities connected on one fiber network.

“We truly recognize the need for new connectivity options in Baxter Springs. The ring gets us one step closer to helping fill that need. Baxter Springs deserves access to world-class services just like Columbus and Galena,” said CTC Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

Construction of the new backbone network will begin as soon as weather permits. The construction of the ring is not expected to impact network construction already in progress in the Galena and Riverton areas, where new customers are being turned up daily.

“This announcement further solidifies that 2014 has been a banner year for our company. We began our first-ever expansion early in the year, we acquired Parcom, LLC in October and today we’re announcing a backbone network that will be the envy of counties all across the U.S.,” stated CTC General Manager Trish Carroll.

Service inquiries from Baxter Springs, Galena, Riverton, or anywhere else should visit Optic Communications website at

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