I need a phone number outside of Columbus.

If you need a 429 phone number, we have an online directory that has up to the minute information.  Of course, unlisted numbers are not displayed in that directory and we cannot give unlisted numbers out if you call.

If you need a number outside of Columbus, we recommend using Switchboard.com.  As a phone company, we do NOT have access to any number database.  We simply use the same site everyone has access to.


How do I trace a call?

In order to trace a harassing call, dial *57 from your phone.  The system will then ask you if you want to trace the last caller, dial 1 to trace.  This logs the caller information within CTC’s switch.  Please note that we CANNOT give our call data to anyone without a court order.

How do I check my voicemail?

If you subscribed to CTC’s Voicemail service, you may call 429-4950 from your home phone to check your voicemail.  Follow the voice commands within the system to change your options, delete messages or save messages.