I bought a new computer.

Congrats on your purchase!  In order to get Internet on your new computer, you don’t have to do much!

If you use a router, just connect the computer to your WiFi (wireless) network.  Most new computers ask you to do this the first time you start them up.
If you do NOT have a router, just plug your Ethernet cable that was in your old computer to the new one.  Turn the computer on, and you should have Internet!

When should I replace my wireless router?

Customers often ask us when they should replace their wireless router in their home.  While there is not certain answer or time frame, our suggestions are as follows:

  • Take note of how old your current router is.  If it’s 3-4 years old, and you have more wireless devices in your home now than you did when you purchased the router…it may not be adequate for your needs any longer.
  • If you’re noticing that the Internet feels sluggish on devices connected to your WiFi, the router may be slowing your connection down.
  • If you’re subscribing to our higher speeds, you should consider getting a more robust router.

Routers tend to be very susceptible to electrical surges, which we have a lot of during storm season.

We sell routers of all types, including high-end routers designed for Ultra Broadband.

My Netflix keeps stalling.

Through our partners, CTC has a direct link to Netflix and some other common content providers.  If your Netflix is buffering, try the following:

1) Take note of your connection speed.  If you subscribe to our lowest high speed connection, you may need to upgrade to a faster connection speed.

2) Reboot your wireless router by unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.  If your router is older (3-4 years), it’s possible you may need to replace it.

Also note that buffering is a problem nationwide.  The more people watching these services, the more the national network gets loaded down.

I can’t remember my wireless password!

CTC does not keep a record of your WiFi – wireless Internet password.  If you purchased your router from our office, there may be a label on the bottom of the router with the password you selected for it.

If you cannot locate your password, you will need to RESET your router and set it back up with a new password.  Instructions for doing so vary by brand and model of router.

My WiFi (wireless Internet) is not working!

Your WiFi – wireless Internet, is provided from the router in your home.  Please try the following steps to attempt to restore your service:

1) Unplug the power cord from the back of your router for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

2) Reboot your devices that connect to the wireless connection (tablets, laptops, etc.)

If that does not fix your wireless, we recommend resetting your router and running the setup CD that came with your router to set it back up.  When setting it back up, please pick a NEW wireless name and password.

My Internet is NOT working!

If you have lost your Internet connection, please try the following to attempt to restore your service:

1) Verify that your APC (the box mounted somewhere INSIDE your home) has two green lights.  If it does NOT, it has lost electrical power and you need to plug it back in or find an electrical outlet that works.

2) If you have a router (WiFi – wireless Internet), please unplug the power cord from it for 30 seconds and plug it back into the outlet.

3) Reboot all of your devices that connect to the Internet – computers, tablets, etc.

If that does not restore your connection:

4) Take the Ethernet cable out of the “Internet” port on the back of your router and plug it straight into a computer.  This takes your router out of the picture.  If your connection begins to work on your computer, your router is causing the problem.

If your Internet is still not working after performing the above steps, please contact us.

My Internet is slow.

Internet speeds are greatly impacted by your computer and router.  If you have an older computer or an old router, it’s very likely those devices are slowing your connection from us.  Please try the following to help increase your Internet speed:

1) Uninstall any toolbars in your browser – these just consume memory and slow the connection down.

2) List how many devices you have on the Internet.  If you stream video and have several tablets or smartphones, you may need to upgrade to a faster connection speed.

2) If you have a router (WiFi – wireless Internet), please take the Ethernet cable out of the “Internet” port on the back of the router and plug it straight into your computer.  If you speed is improved, your router is the problem.  We sell routers here.

If after doing the above does not resolve your problem, contact us.