CTC Staff Find Issues Fast


October 30, 2014

Columbus Telephone Company employees have a new goal: find network issues before the customer. Thanks to technology advancement and the diligence of the technical team, CTC now finds network issues before the customer even realizes a problem – reducing customer frustration and minimizing time wasted from both the customer and our team.

Thanks to the technology that powers CTC’s equipment, staff are notified immediately when a problem exists with the services at any particular premise. For example, the an APC battery is low, CTC’s technical team is notified that the battery is low and needs changed. This is why many customers have been called by CTC to schedule an appointment to change out their battery free of charge.

Additionally when an ONT (box on the outside of the home) shows a fault that impacts services, our team is dispatching themselves automatically to address the issue. In many cases, the customer has not even noticed the problem when our technical team arrives on-site. The team fixes the issue, leaves and the customer is left with minimal to no hassle.

“Part of the reason CTC has existed for 109 years is because of customer service. Technology is changing how we do customer service, including the ability to fix issues before they even impact the customer,” stated CTC Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

CTC does caution customers that the company and staff cannot see every possible issue that can arise. Customers are always encouraged to report service issues as soon as possible so that they can be addressed swiftly. In the meantime, CTC staff does their best to reduce network issues and address the few that pop up before the customer even notices.

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