CTC Announces First-Ever Expansion, New Division

GALENA, KS – Today Columbus Telephone Company is announcing a new division that will launch the company’s first-ever network expansion. Under the brand name Optic Communications, CTC and its subsidiaries will be deploying world-class connectivity to the Galena, Kan. community.

“For the last 12 months we’ve been conducting market research within Cherokee County. We were overwhelmed by the response from all areas, but Galena’s need for bandwidth was most obvious. Additionally, the Galena community has been incredibly welcoming to our company – we look forward to being partners as their city grows and develops” stated Optic Communications General Manager Trish Carroll.

Today’s news marks the first-ever expansion embarked upon by an affiliate of Columbus Telephone Company. Founded in 1905 by a group of Cherokee County farmers, CTC was originally part of the Cherokee County Mutual Telephone Company, an association that included the Home Telephone Company of Galena and Baxter Springs Telephone Company. CTC is the only founding member of the association to remain in business, now over 109 years.

“Cherokee County has a rich legacy in telecommunications. It is quite remarkable that over 100 years later we’re coming full circle by connecting our communities—yet again—with world-class connectivity,” said CTC Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

In recent months the company has been deploying fiber-optic lines in the Galena area, including a new Central Office to serve the community. With mainline construction complete, Optic plans to begin turning up fiber-optic services to select business customers in Galena later this month.

Optic plans to eventually provide phone, Internet and cable TV service to Galena residents as well, with the ability to offer Internet speeds up to 1 GBps over a completely buried fiber-optic network. Neighborhoods with the highest demand will be the first to get turned up on the new network. Businesses and residents in Galena that are interested in Optic services should go to the company’s website at www.optic-communications.com and fill out the appropriate survey.

The expansion of fiber-to-the-home services in Cherokee County will benefit all residents in the region by providing world-class Internet to more people and businesses and creating new jobs.

CTC recently added two full-time employees to assist in the expansion, increasing the company’s employee count to the highest in its history. As Optic expands the company anticipates creating more new jobs in the county.

“We’re officially a 109 year old company that is growing and innovating. It is truly an exciting time to be at CTC,” added Carroll.

About Optic: Fiber Communications of Columbus, LLC d/b/a Optic Communications is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Columbus Telephone Company, Inc.

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    Kerry Ryan says:

    I live in Riverton and would very interested in talking with someone regarding getting all of the services you would offer. Thanks


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