Cable Transition FAQ

Can I have 2 DVR’s?

The only DVR service provided by CTC is Whole-Home DVR. This means that any TV in your house that is connected with CTC’s digital equipment can record to your DVR. If you wish to have additional stand-alone DVR’s, CTC can provide them at a $10/month per DVR rate.

Can the DVR pause and play back live TV?

Yes. Simply hit the “Pause” button on your CTC-supplied remote control and the DVR will begin recording instantly. When you are ready to continue watching, simply hit “Play” and the program will begin where you left off.

How do I know if I have an HDTV?

Typically HDTV sets have a sticker somewhere on the front or side of the unit that indicates that it is an “HDTV.” If your TV is a newer unit that is “flat” or “skinny,” it is likely HD ready. If all else fails, refer to your owner’s manual.

What is the Protection Plan?

CTC’s new Protection Plan is a safeguard to protect you from service fees in the event that lightning strikes your digital equipment or you spill something on your CTC-supplied remote. Please contact a customer service representative for full details on the Protection Plan and what it covers.

Do I have to buy equipment?

No. Unlike most satellite providers, CTC is not forcing customers to buy equipment. Subscribers of Preferred, Ultimate, and The Works will receive two (2) digital receivers/set tops as part of the service. CTC will be leasing all equipment to customers and the equipment remains the property of Columbus Telephone Company at all times.

If I disconnect my service do I need to return all digital receivers?

Yes. Upon disconnection, customers are expected to return all digital receivers/set tops to CTC within five (5) business days. Customers who do not return the equipment in a timely fashion may be billed for the equipment, which is valued at $300 per box.

Will cable go out when it rains?

No! Unlike satellite, our fiber-optic is buried underground. This means rock-solid reliability to our customers. All of our facilities have backup power, meaning even a loss of electricity will likely not bring our cable system down.

My Screen has black boxes!!

If you have a newer widescreen TV, you may find that the sides have black boxes on your screen.  The boxes can be removed from SD channels by widening the picture via your TV remote (instructions vary by TV).  The black boxes that appear on LOCAL channels periodically are NOT removable.  Those black boxes are being placed their by the content provider (CBS, ABC, etc.).  This link better explains the aspect ratio of TV’s.