Since 1905, Columbus Telephone Company has excelled in the provision of dial tone and connectivity to the world. Now, in 2014, we not only provide dial tone, but also provide 100% fiber optic connectivity for voice, video and broadband data. Our company has consistently out-paced our industry in terms of innovation – from one of the first dial-tone switches in the 1960’s to one of the first 100% buried fiber-optic networks in 2004. This continued progress demonstrates the merits of a member-owned, member-supported communications company doing business in small town rural America. The Board of Directors and the employees of Columbus Telephone Company are committed to the continuation of quality customer service to its members for another 100 years!

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Board of Directors

  • Wes Houser, President
  • Patricia Carroll, Secretary
  • Larry Prauser, Treasurer
  • David Soper
  • Evan McNemar
  • Jane Rhinehart
  • Jay Hatfield