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Our fiber optic telephone network offers the clearest line of communication for local and long distance calling. Columbus Telephone pioneered calling service in the early 1900′s and continues to break ground in calling technology.


Not only do we offer some of the fastest high speed internet in the state, but we were one of the first all-fiber networks in the entire U.S. Experience true lightning fast speeds on the most reliable network in the region with our new Fiber 2.0.


We offer High Definition television that is crystal clear and streams instantly through our lightning fast fiber optic network. This network keeps you connected and won’t lose signal when a storm rolls in like dish service would.


One convenient bill for all your services to save you time and money. The average savings of a bundle over $600/year. Plus, with CTC Total Care you never have to pay a service call charge – for any of our services!


Columbus Telephone is your local provider of Telephone Service, High Speed Internet, and HD Cable TV Services. All Columbus services run a 100% fiber network giving you the fastest speeds and dependability. We were the first all fiber network in the state of Kansas and one of the very first in the United States proving we are dedicated to bringing you the newest technology at affordable prices. To help simplify your life, all of our services come in one convenient monthly bill, from one company. It’s reassuring to know CTC is your local service provider and our office is located where we serve…in the great town of Columbus, KS. Our employees are your friends and neighbors. We live and work here, pay local taxes and support other local businesses. We take great pride in making our community a better place for everyone.